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DESTINATION is underpinned by four key principles:  

  1. Nobody’s final destination is pre-determined and everyone has the opportunity to press the reset button on their life choices at any time

  2. Everyone’s destination is different 

  3. In order to reach your destination, you need a plan 

  4. It is your responsibility to make sure you reach it

Everyone has travelled a different path in the first stage of their life and it is natural to think that everyone else is in a more fortunate position that you. Looking at other people you might think they are more qualified than you, from a better background, cleverer, richer, luckier, better looking, and/or more confident – but the reality is that they probably aren’t. (And if they are – so what - that was in the past, from now on we are focused on looking forward!) 

Everything you have done in your life so far has led to the current version of you – but it doesn’t have to define the rest of your life.


You may have found that navigating the first part of your life was difficult. Some people realise that school didn’t suit them, some people have to deal with challenging home lives, and some people get in with the wrong crowd; but there is no reason why you have pay for your childhood experiences for the rest of your life.  


We all need a reset from time to time. Sometimes it’s just a case of giving ourselves a kick up the bum, but other times it’s about fundamentally changing our direction in life – and admittedly this can seem daunting and difficult. 


This is why we are all a little bit like technology – sometimes we need a ‘soft reset’ and every now again, a ‘factory reset’. Like a phone, if it isn’t working properly you can’t just expect to give it a shake and expect it to start functioning without giving it a bit of attention. Whilst switching it ‘off and back on’ might solve some issues, sometimes you have to take more serious measures (including sometimes having to go and get expert help to put it right).

So think about the DESTINATION you want to reach in life and then consider how you need to shape the twelve locations to enable you to reach it.