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Qualifications and a basic education are essential regardless of the DESTINATION you want to reach. Whether you want your future to involve either an Apprenticeship or a university degree it is essential that you get the best qualifications you can. 


The world of work is incredibly competitive and throughout your life you are going to be judged on the highest qualification you achieved. For some this will be a first class degree and rightly so it will be a key discussion point in any interview.


However, at the other end of the scale, not having any qualifications is seriously going to hold you back - especially a lack of English and maths. 

For those looking to maximise their education - you will find lots of useful tips, links and content. 


Likewise, if you don't have any qualifications you will also find support on how you can reset your Education and get yourself back on the road to your ideal DESTINATION. 


Not sure of which college to attend or which subjects to take? Use the following content and articles to help you make the correct decision.


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  • Read Kasha's experience of choosing a sixth form college

  • What to do if you discover the course or college isn't for you



Still wondering if University is right for you? Worried about moving away from home? Excited and can't wait to explore all the potential opportunities that lie ahead? 

Check out the content below and we will navigate the journey together. 

You might find the following information useful from one of our partners:
You might find the following websites useful:
  • Check your local council site for a list of schools and colleges
  • UCAS
  • Student Room
You might find the following articles useful:
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Get more useful tips and guidance on EDUCATION with the DESTINATION ADULTHOOD book.  
  • A guide to university 

  • Getting the most from university open days

  • How much is it going to cost?



Many people struggle in school and when you leave with few or no qualifications you can find that your DESTINATIONS in life can be limited.


Not having a qualification in English or maths is severely going to hold you back in life, and if you do anything you need to ensure that you have them.  

Studying at home or at a further education college is nothing like school and if you can the determination to suceed you should be able to smash it. It might only take you 9 months to do a basic course and it will probably be the best thing that you ever do - especially when you start to see the benefits in increased job opportunities. 

Click on the content below and we will help you to reverse out of your education dead end, and get you back on track.

  • Case Study: Why John went back to college to resit his GCSEs

  • The Pro's and Con's 

  • The employers view of candidates who don't have maths & English