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Having the right skills are essential if you are to successfully navigate the journey from a teen to an adult. 

Qualifications are obviously important, but they do not tell us the whole story about someone. In fact, they are fairly limited in what they show, other than that a person learnt ‘something’ to a ‘certain level’. 


As you progress through life you will find that people are less bothered about the grades and the actual qualifications you attained and instead it will be your life and work skills that will be judged and evaluated.

The five key life and work skills that employers are looking for:

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving

  • Self Management

  • Self Belief



Communication isn’t just about talking, it’s also about listening, body language and being able to get across your thoughts, ideas and opinions. 



As much as some people might think they are a superhero – no one can do everything. Most things in life involve the contribution of multiple people and it is important that you have the skills to work as a group.

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Being able to deal with problems is an important skill, just as not being able to solve a problem can have catastrophic consequences both in life and in the workplace. 


Solving problems on your own means that you won't have to constantly ask your boss and will make you a much more valuable member of the team.  


Self-management is about taking responsibility for your own actions and ensuring that you do things to the best of your ability. It’s about having a pride in yourself and showing others the very best possible version of yourself. 


To get things done, you need to believe that you can do them. You need to be resilient when things get tough and stick at it. You need to learn from your mistakes, exude a positive attitude that will inspire others, and demonstrate that you are someone who is a ‘doer’.