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Travelling and visiting somewhere different is good for your soul – it opens your horizons and it takes you away from your daily routine. Away from home, without your parents, means you can be who you want to be. You can let your hair down, you can dress up, and can indulge your passions in the things that you really enjoy. Everyone should go somewhere different from time to time – it’s good for you. 

Obviously travelling abroad will involve communicating in a foreign language. In most places you will find English is spoken, but if you make a effort to speak a little of the language it will usually be well recieved by locals. However, you could equally be faced with the same issues if you have a strong local accent and travel around the UK. Though trying a local accent might not be as well recieved as some basic Spanish or Greek!


Your first holiday without your parents, is the first time many young adults get to experience proper freedom. For many, this means not having a curfew, no one watching how many drinks are consumed or anyone to check how many of your five-a-day you have eaten. 

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