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With a UK population of 57m, it is easy to think that you are small, powerless and inconsequential. Why should you bother getting involved in politics when you can’t change anything and it doesn’t really affect you. 


This couldn’t be more wrong. 

Politics affects everything. The number of police in your area and how quickly they might respond if you call 999. The time it takes for the local A&E department to look at your sprained ankle that you damaged playing sport, the amount of tax that the Government take from your monthly pay, or the amount of Universal Credit that you might receive if you are unable to work due to a disability. Every day, decisions are being made that effect many aspects of your daily life. You have a choice as to whether you want to influence these decisions or simple say “nah - can’t be bothered – it’s nothing to do with me”.

It is important that you are registered to vote and that you exercise your democratic right.  By taking a interest locally you might find that you become more aware of local issues which leads to becoming an active member of your local community.

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