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Believe it or not, where you live is really important. Without knowing it, your very being – from your head to your toes – has been influenced by the surroundings you have encountered growing up.

The UK is a fantastically diverse country that offers a variety of different areas to grow up in. London is one of the most visited cities in the world and within its centre offers a multitude of job opportunities and ways to spend an idle afternoon. Sport, art, and theatre are in abundance – as are some of the finest museums in the world (many of which are free) – all within easy reach for the 12 million London residents. 

Compare this with the highlands of Scotland, the marshlands of Norfolk, the industrial North, or unemployment-hit South Wales and you have a fragmented country offering different levels of opportunities for young people. 


It is very rare for families to move between areas. Many families have three or four generations who have always lived within a 2-mile radius. Historically people stayed local because they had a life-time of friends, memories and ample opportunities for employment. However, this is changing. Jobs are no longer in plentiful supply and we are no longer in a pre-technology age where visiting someone at their house is the only way to keep in touch.

It is possible that to reach your DESTINATION you will need to move away from home.

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