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Money is going to play a major part in your life. Regardless of how much you have, you will inevitability spend large periods of your life not having enough of it. Some people spend their entire life trying to get as much of it as possible.


Does money make you happy? Probably not, but having just enough is always better than not enough. 

As part of your DESTINATION planning you need to think about how much you are going to need. Some people want lots of it (which means you'll need a high paid job), whilst others are just happy to get by. 

How much money you have will dictate where you live, where you go on holiday, which supermarket you use and much much more. 

Earning it is one thing but you will also need to know how much you are spending - and this is called budgeting or money management.


Having fixed regular payments enables you to keep a track of what you are spending. 


Many people have a list (or a spreadsheet) that tells them how much they have to spend on a monthly basis after all the regular payments have gone out. This allows them to budget for the month and ensure that they don’t spend more than they earn. 


Being aged between 16 and 25 is a golden age and one that everyone this age should embrace. These are the years that will define the rest of your life – much more than your school years. 


In reality you don’t need a lot of money when you are younger. If you resist the temptation to ‘want everything now’ you will find life can be quite fun. If you want to emulate a celebrities Instagram feed then you are going to find life tough - but living within your means can still be great (and bear in mind your friends are probably all in the same boat). 

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