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How do I get work experience?

Maximising your life as an adult means ensuring you reach a 
destination that allows you to live your very best life possible.

On your journey to reach your ideal life DESTINATION you will need to visit a number of LifeLocations® and shape them in order to create a unique life map for you.


If you have a clear idea of your DESTINATION you will find lots of useful information to ensure that you can reach it.


If you don't know what your DESTINATION is don't worry. This is place to be inspired to start thinking about potential options and how you can go out and get it. 

If you think your DESTINATION is out of reach, we can help you to reset elements of your life and point out how you can get your journey back on on track.

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Buy the book that powers this site. 



230 pages of detailed advice, guidance and support to help you reach your DESTINATION.


With chapters covering each of the LifeLocations®, DESTINATION ADULTHOOD is written by Graham Sykes - Head of Agency at Fourteen19, one of the leading youth marketing agencies in the UK 


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What is the difference stress & anxiety?

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Apprenticeship or University? - Some interesting facts

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